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"A Place of Refreshing" Exodus 15:27
Sermon Downloads

Welcome to our sermon download page. If you wish to download any of these mp3's to your computer, use the right click button on your mouse on the dates highlighted below and select 'Save Target As'. Alternatively, to listen online just click on the blue link with your left mouse button.
If the sermon you would like to listen to is not listed below, please check the
Sermon Archives page from the link on the left of the page.


Sunday 5th July - Malcolm Dyer - "Pioneers not Settlers" - Malcolm shares with us thoughts on the way forward for the Fellowship with some interesting and challenging times ahead - not for the fainthearted.
Sunday 12th July - Steve Kelly - Some thoughts on the past year and the possible way forward for us as a Fellowship.
Sunday 19th July - Malcolm Dyer - "David & the Amalakites" - Some significant lessons we can learn from David's life and apply them in our lives today.
Sunday 26th July - Malcolm Dyer - "Talking about Money" The subject that many preachers avoid or preach on to excess. Here Malcolm takes a balanced look at this topic.
Sunday 2nd August - Malcolm Dyer - "The Gifts of the Spirit" - An introduction to the Gifts of the Spirit, and the Giver of those Gifts, using 1 Corinthians chapters 12, 13, 14.
Sunday 9th August - David Hogben - "It's all in a name" - strange title? Listen on as David shares some thoughts on What's in a name? Quite a lot as you will hear.
Sunday 16th August - Malcolm Dyer - Following on from his previous talk on the Gifts of the Spirit, Malcolm moves into 1 Corinthians 13 as it applies particularly to this Fellowship at this time.
Sunday 23rd August - David Swannick - "Spritual Blessings in Christ" - taking a look at how really blessed we are in Christ and in what ways, opening the scripture in Ephesians Chapter 1.
Sunday 6th September - Malcolm Dyer - "Love Your Neighbour" - Matthew5 - Jesus teaches on loving God and loving our neighbour both here and in Matthew 22 and Malcolm shares on some obvious and some not so obvious points relating to this.
Sunday 13th September - Simon Foster - Morning Celebration - A member of Elim's National Leadership, we are privileged to hear Simon share in depth about God's Seeds in our lives.
Sunday 13th September - Simon Foster - Evening Celebration - "Is Jesus Enough?" - Simon shares his testimony of conversion in the midst of dealing with the question "Is Jesus Enough?".
Sunday 20th September - Liam Moore - "Times they are a-changing" - Taking the Bob Dillon song of this title (which Liam sang for us), he takes us on a journey through changed times to the changing times we are going through right now.
Sunday 27th September - Adam Brian - "Being Like Jesus" - Starting in John 20:19 Adam takes us through what it means for us to be like Jesus.
Sunday 4th October - Malcolm Dyer - "Intimacy with God" - Malcolm introduces this emotive subject with some interesting challenges for us all to take to heart.
Sunday 11th October - Malcolm Dyer - "The Face of God" - Following on from last week Malcolm recaps and then takes us futher into the subject of intimacy with God with particular reference to the Face of God.
Sunday 18th October - Malcolm Dyer - "Open and Closed Doors" - Malcolm reviews the prophetic words spoken to and over this Fellowship and how we need to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church(es).
Sunday 25th October - Alistair Thomson - "What is your part in the Body of Christ?" Following a drama illustration of the Body using Paul's picture in 1 Corinthians 12, Alistair expands on this theme bringing a personal challenge to us all.
Sunday 1st November - Malcolm Dyer - " Evangelism" - A fresh look at what this really means for us today.
Sunday 8th November - Jo Brian - "Forgiveness" - Jo brings to us a realistic and practical look at forgiveness and its benefits.
Sunday 15th November - Malcolm Dyer - "From slavery to sonship" - Malcolm shares about his experience following speaking at another Elim church, before going on to deal with the title subject of moving from slavery to sonship.
Sunday 29th November - Malcolm Dyer - "Breakthrough" - Something we all need at various times in our lives and Malcolm takes us through some mighty breakthroughs in Scripture.
Sunday 6th December - Malcolm Dyer - "Demotion to Promotion (Part 1)" In this first part of of this amazing subject,  Malcolm takes us on a journey to "the cellar". 
Sunday 13th December - Malcolm Dyer - "From demotion to promotion (Part 2)" The promised second part of this fascinating subject.
Sunday 27th December - Malcolm Dyer - "Light in the Darkness" With a short exhortation to fully engage in Praise and Worship as we place God at the centre of our lives, Malcolm follows on with the day's subject of being Light in the darkness of this world.


Sunday 3rd January - Malcolm Dyer - "Looking Forward" New Year message from Malcolm as 2015 ends and 2016 begins.
Sunday 10th January - Liam Moore - "Family" - Liam brings a powerful word concerning family including some personal testimony about what God has brought about about in his own family and more....!
Sunday 17th January - Adam Brian - "Sacred and Secular - is there such a thing?" Starting in John 7:37-39, Adam shares an interesting look at how we view things we do and are involved in and how what Jesus said here is so vital.
Sunday 24th January - Adam Brian - Staying with the theme of the Holy Spirit, Adam shares on what it means for us at a personal level to have the Holy Spirit living in us.
Sunday 31st January - Valerie Hogben - "Fruitful Trees" - A look at what the Spirit in us seeks to produce in us so that we become like fruitful trees as in Ezekiel's vision.
Sunday 7th February - Malcolm Dyer - "God as a verb" - perhaps an unusual title but Malcolm explains how this thought came about and how we can relate to this concept.
Sunday 14th February - David Hogben - "Stepping out into a deeper level of faith" - both a challenge and encouragement to take our faith in God to a deeper level.
Sunday 28th February - Malcolm Dyer - Here Malcom talks about stuff that hinders our progress in our relationship with the Lord and God's way of helping us to move it out of the way.
Sunday 6th March - Jeanette Roberts - Sharing her experiences during her visit to Israel, and bringing a message from God's Word about healing of the heart.
Sunday 13th March - Elie Razouk - "You are Loved in the Beloved" - A fresh look at God's unconditional Love for us from the perspective of one who has discovered this personally.
Sunday 20th March - Malcolm Dyer - "God who Restores". No matter how hopeless our situation may seem, God is in the business of Restoration!
Sunday 3rd April - Malcolm Dyer - "How do I know there is a God?" Questions such as this and "Who invented God?" are looked into with some interesting answers!
Sunday10thApril - MalcolmDyer - The birth of Pentecostalism" - On the day after the 110th anniversary of the birth of this movement, Malcolm takes us throughits history and looks at where we are today.
Sunday 17th April - Malcolm Dyer - "Our Redemptive God" - A look at how we and our mistakes and errors are dealt with by our Redemptive Heavenly Father.
Sunday 24th April - Malcolm Dyer - "Being a Disciple" - What it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Sunday 1st May - Alan Brown - "God's Forgiveness" - Alan brings a word in season concerning God's Forgiveness and how we are to appropriate it.
Sunday 8th May - Adam Brian - "Saved and Called" - Understanding the difference between being Saved and being Called and how the two are related.

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